She Cried & Pitiful When She Saw Other Pooches Being Adored And Cherished Within The Pet Store

Meet Serena!

I came across this girl in the parking lot of a pet store. I stopped the car, and something immediately caught my eye.

As I approached, I noticed two massive vomits; whatever they fed her didn’t stop in her stomach. I entered the store and inquired about her.

They claimed that Serena arrived there in the afternoon and that they and some customers fed her, but how did she get there? Who dumped this girl?

How long has she lived on the streetw? She was very frightened of people, I discovered. I’m coming slowly.

“It’s okay, I won’t hurt you,” I said. She began to comprehend. She then began walking alongside me.

In the car it went. She will rest peacefully and amicably for the duration of the night. We must first take her to the clinic for a checkup and consultation.

She cringed, as if begging not to be hit. Serena was thin, dirty, and wore an old collar. and scars all over her body.

Serena needs a rest. A sweet girl she is. I must say, what a sweet girl.

Serena has a distinct aura. Serena took a dewormer and flea medicine today.

Serena was strolling down the street, but this stroll was very different from her previous ones.

She’s healthy, runs, and walks again normally. She will live a happy life and never back to suffering again. Thanks for the help of everyone for giving her a second chance. Watch The Video Below: ⏩

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