She Doesn’t Have Any Strength Left & Still Tries to Protect The Puppy from The Teasing of Passersby

We were informed that there is a mother dog with two small puppies , roaming street in bad condition .

The dog has a spinal injury and is unable to move on his hind legs , she still tied to protect the two puppies from the noise of the traffic . And tries to protect them from the teasing of passerby.

She wishes he was healthy enough to take care of the two puppies . She didn’t have any strength left .

The two puppies re very young , they still follow the mother in anxiety .

Tanee s steps ( the mother ) re very difficult because of the hunger and illness .

The two puppies re girls , there is a smaller puppy that has gone blind ,may be it is a birth defect .

She and her two puppies were brought to vet , we tried to save the lives of the three poor dogs .

On the X ray , she was shot , the bullet was still in his spine , that s the reason why she had to suffer so much .who was cruel to this poor doog ?

She got all the the treatment she needs with a surgery … after many days he start being better , eating and moving a little bit , she will recover soon and back to take care of her 2 puppies who re in good condition .