It is a sad truth that many dogs around the world do not get the love that they want and deserve. Whether they were born as strays, or were abandoned later in life, dog shelters across the country are full of adorable dogs still looking for their forever home.

But one different dog broke the internet this week. Throughout his life, a bull named Rush has suffered constant rejection from potential owners. But Rush wasn’t about to give up on attracting a family and taught himself a pretty cool trick to encourage potential owners to take a chance…

Rush was staying at the SICSA Pet Adoption Center, and it was safe to say that he wasn’t living an easy life. Rush has been homeless since birth, but despite this, he has retained a calm, loving temperament, which volunteers believe made him a great candidate for adoption.

But something was working against Rush in the adoption process. Rush is a pitbull, a dog with a bad reputation for being aggressive, which can turn off potential adopters. Although Rush was not aggressive, the center found him being rejected by the owners over and over again.

But Rush refused to give himself up. He decided to teach himself an extra trick to convince potential families that he was the dog for them. Amazingly Rush taught himself to make his own bed, to ensure his enclosure looked as beautiful as possible for any future owner to see!

The center quickly picked up on Rush’s amazing trick and decided to share it with the world. They took an adorable video of Rash making his bed and posted it on social media to help him find his forever home. Fortunately, their plan worked!

The family watched the video and fell in love with the hound. “The family saw the video, came and met Rush, and fell in love,” Nora Vondrell, the center’s executive director, told ABC News. “There are so many negative stereotypes about the American pit bull. If we can highlight the endearing points of Rush, then we can help people look beyond the pit bull sign.”

She continued, “They said that Rush is just an amazing dog and that they are very fond of him.” “The message we’re saying now [is] there are hundreds of thousands of homeless animals in your community. We try to transcend all kinds of labels. People think shelter and rescue animals are misbehaved or unwanted or have diseases. The reality is they are adorable and healthy. There’s a lot of rush out there!”