‘She’s always enjoyed being around people’ – Woman celebrates 100 years in style

A FURNESS woman has celebrated reaching the incredible age of 100 years old.

Frida Ward was born on September 16 1923 and has lived in the Furness area all her life.

Mrs Ward celebrated her centenary birthday in The Olde Mill, surrounded by neighbours, friends and relatives who made her day extra special.

The 100-year-old has lived in the Baycliff most of her life, apart from a short spell in the village of Marton and Ulverston.

She married her husband Eric Ward at Aldingham Church and returned to Baycliff in 1974 where she has resided ever since.

The woman did a few little jobs but was mainly a housewife. Her father and mother were farming people, and they converted a barn for her and her husband in 1974.

The woman used to be interested in gardening and knitting and enjoyed holidaying, especially in Scotland.

Since her husband’s departure in 2014, the centenarian has been cared for by her neighbours along with a couple of carers.

She is now residing at Hollow Oak in Ulverston, where she also had a birthday celebration with all the residents and a visit from her son.

“We are here with 35 guests to celebrate this great occasion,” said Frida’s neighbour Robert Wheatley, one of the party organisers.

“I’ve known Frida Ward and her husband for the last 45 years, and they have been very good neighbours of ours and exceptionally good friends.

“We would go to Scotland four times a year with her husband to spend holidays together.”

Mr Wheatley said Mrs Ward is in ‘very good health, mentally alert and smart.’

He said: “She takes enormous pride in her appearance, she is a good conversationalist, and she really enjoys being in the company of others and has been like that all her life. She is a social animal, we could say.

“It is remarkable that a person of her age has maintained a good relationship with all these people who have all turned up to her birthday celebration.

“It is an incredible achievement. She has received a lot of letters, including a postcard from King Charles III.”