They had rescued him from a slaughterhouse, where his mother did not survive.

Lewis wasn’t in the best of health when he got to The Gentle Barn.
Lewis’s traumatic birth situation also prevented him from receiving enough colostrum to develop a stronger immune system. He struggled to survive when he developed pneumonia because of this.

They brought him inside their air-conditioned home because they knew he wouldn’t be able to survive in the barn. They will be able to care for him around the clock because he needed a cool, clean environment.

Another animal that resided within the home was also going to be a huge blessing for Lewis.
His name is Sky.
Sky was given to The Gentle Barn by his prior owner, who was unable to handle his high level of energy. Sky was an excellent therapy dog, despite the fact that they weren’t authorized to adopt him. He can make people laugh, soothe those who are anxious, and calm those who have anger management problems.

They first realized Lewis and Sky had a solid relationship when Lewis was able to venture outside.
Sky was also present to assist Lewis get used to his new farm life when Ellie took him on walks and introduced him to the other cows.

Lewis was only 50 pounds when he was brought in a week later.
He is currently two years old and over a thousand pounds. He is now far larger than Sky.

Due to the fact that they are aware of the significant weight disparity between them, they are no longer as physical with one another. They continue to express their affection for one another despite this.

Lewis will lay down on the ground and Sky will be all over him. He’ll lick Lewis and lay down beside him.