Six devoted dogs chase an ambulance and wait for their homeless owner outside a hospital for 24 hours.

Six loyal dogs accompanied the ambulance carrying their master, a homeless guy who had had an early stroke and had spent more than 24 hours receiving treatment at the Santa Casa Hospital in Cianorte, southern Brazil.

The incredible moment when the faithful dogs chase the ambulance for miles before arriving panting at the hospital’s emergency door is captured on video.

The dogs wouldn’t leave the hospital entrance when Luiz, who goes by his first name alone, became ill without warning.

According to volunteer Simone Ziliane, the dogs reportedly followed the ambulance that delivered Luiz and howled in front of the hospital for hours. The man was freed the following day, but he left through a different door.

The dogs had been waiting for him because he thought of them as his family. They didn’t go until Luiz brought them back.

To G1, Simone said:

The animals urgently required assistance. They rushed through the streets after the ambulance and arrived just as Luiz was being transported to the hospital. They lost control as soon as they received it and screamed incessantly at the door.

They eventually fell to the ground and remained there. When we discovered that Luiz had been released from the hospital and that his pets were oblivious of anything, one of our volunteers went to look for him at his brother’s house and brought him to the area where the dogs were still waiting for him.
He wasn’t terribly astonished, even though he had no idea they had been outside all this time.

The dogs were overjoyed when Luiz arrived and started to yelp and hop all around him.