“Skin & Bones” Puppy Devours Food While Talking & Wagging His Tiny Tail

There’s nothing more ruinous than seeing an beast, who can’t for fend for themselves, in similar dire conditions. It arrives at our location, no different. For one lonely pup, it was apparent that he’d been on his own for quite some time, writes ilovemydogsomuch


When finally planted, the cubs are just skin and bones. But, despite all he’d been through – cold, scary nights with an empty belly, not knowing what life had in store for him the coming day, all the misgivings – he meets his saviors with a wagging tail. The helpful human pours a bag of puppy food on the ground. He eats happily and talks about the storm and his cute little tail noway stops wagging


Because he’s so frail, he looks hunkered over. His body is a memorial to the sadness experienced by too many homeless creatures. The pup’s saviors carry him gently into their vehicle and bring him in for an exigency medical care.

He has hundreds of fleas and ticks on his body. He requires IV hydration, antibiotics, and vaccinations. The deliverance group, Stray Dog Cha-Am, works lifelessly through small donations, to get him the stylish treatment possible.

Two months later, the puppy fully recovered. He also went to a foster home. And, thanks to this amazing rescue team, a family in Canada saw his prints online and fell in love with him.

The “ skin and bones” pup goes from starving on the thoroughfares to a loving home in a matter of months. Of course, so many people have participated in this trip, as well as the little puppies who are now giving up! But this happy ending could n’t have been possible without stopgap, determination, and love for creatures. To see his trip, scroll down and play the videotape. Thank you heroes, now I give up!