Stolen Pitbull reunited with heartbroken dad in the nick of time

Barry Gearhart lost his adorable Pitbull, and searched for him for over a year. He refused to give up on his little boy, and over a year later, his prayers were answered.

Titan was found wandering around West Palm Beach and was then taken to a shelter where the volunteers had named the dog Hank.

Titan was not microchipped, and no one came to find him, so the staff workers at the Humane Society Shelter were working very hard to find a new home for him.

Hank was an older dog and a Pitbull. This combination made the adoption difficult for the poor dog. The shelter workers even gave the dog a socialization course that would help him. Still, no one was ready to adopt him.

Since Titan was an older dog, he was running out of options. The shelter tried their best to work something out for him, but luck just didn’t seem to be on his side.

In the meanwhile, Barry did not stop looking for his best friend and companion. He had Titan’s pictures on all local social media groups hoping that someone would recognize him.

Barry received a message stating that his dog looked like a Pitbull at a shelter in West Palm Beach. As soon as he got the message, Barry quickly went to the Animal care shelter to find a miracle waiting for him.

He discovered his long-lost companion Titan who was now called Hank by the shelter workers. The happy reunion brought tears to Barry’s eyes and they are both back at home, happier than ever.