Stray German Shepherd With Cerebellar Hypoplasia Finally Gets A Loving Home

There are some truly wonderful stories out there that are just waiting to be seen, some great acts of kindness by the many benevolent people that exist on this planet.

Diana is one of these people, a woman living in Great Falls, Montana who adopts and takes care of animals before making sure to find them an adequate home.

And Timber is one of the many animals that she has helped save, a German Shepherd who suffers from Cerebellar Hypoplasia.

The fancy name may make it seem like it’s something quite drastic, but in Timber’s case, it was a relatively mild case that only mildly affected her basic motor functions.

That was the first stroke of luck for her, the second being meeting Diana who found her in a shelter in line to be euthanized.

Thankfully, Diana wasn’t having any of it as she saw the will to live in Timber’s eyes, deciding to adopt her on the spot and putting it on herself to find the good girl a forever home.

The moment she was let out of the shelter, her energy was apparent.

An Unfortunate Pooch With A Big Heart

While a bit clumsy given the impaired motor function, there was no doubt that that pitter patter of paws wasn’t showing her immense excitement to finally be free again and to be given a chance.

She was incredibly relieved to finally be out of that place and in a loving home with Diana where she showed all the signs of a happy pooch.

There wasn’t really anything missing in her behavior, the only real quirk was the impaired motor function, which is why Diana worked long and hard to find someone who could take her in.

She wanted to find someone who could understand Timber’s situation so she doesn’t end up being left in a shelter again by owners who weren’t ready to handle her Hypoplasia.

Luckily, she managed to find a couple who normally takes in animals with specific conditions and makes sure to provide them with love and care.

It was a perfect fit for Timber, but moving her from Great Falls, Montana to Canada would be a bit of a challenge.

However, Diana wasn’t about to give up, so she made sure she got everything properly sorted for Timber’s trip to meet her new forever family.

The shipping fees were paid, the crate was secured and Timber was on her way to meet Garret and Christina.

She arrived safely and was brought into their home and their hearts, immediately taking to the rest of the members of the household and making new friends.

They also discovered her incredible love of water and her desire to constantly be around it.

She has made great friends with another one of their dogs, Koma, and the two have been inseparable ever since.

It’s Always Worth To Give Someone A Second Chance

Timber’s tale is one of perseverance, compassion, and an insurmountable desire to live and be loved.

A story of a strong German Shepherd who managed to beat the odds and find a family who understands her and loves her for who she is.

It just goes to show that just because someone has some quirk that they shouldn’t be discarded over it.

They’re still their same old selves except they require a bit more attention and care, though I’m sure all of you reading out there already know that.

I hope that Timber isn’t the only case with a happy ending and that I’ll have the pleasure to tell you the stories of other dogs like her making it big.

Until next time, pet parents.