Stray Mother Dog Rescued With Her 6 Puppies, And Now Waiting For Their Forever Home

A mama dog and her newborn pups were found by a kind person, who directly called Loreta Frankonyte and Eldad Hagar from Hope For Paws to come for help.

Loreta and Eldad had to be cautious and aware to get the mamma securely before approaching the pups as it is known that mama dogs become aggressive after giving birth. The mama cautiously avoided the rescuers despite the sweets offered for her.

So, they decided to walk away to let the dog relieve her stress but they used a trap to catch her! After waiting some time, they were able to get her into the trap. At first, the dog started barking at them as she was confused, but they gained her trust gradually.

Then, the rescuers started bringing the pups, that were in good conditions, which means that the mama dog did a great job in taking care of them. The mama, who was named Haleakala, was so happy to see her puppies unharmed. They also fell asleep after knowing they were rescued.

All the dogs were moved for medical attention at a vet. After some tests, they found that all the dogs were healthy. They are all now waiting to be adopted.

Watch the video below.

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