The Dog Pees in the Corner without Moving an Inch Whenever He Hears a Human Voice

Many animals have been subjected to atrocities, which gradually crush their hearts, plunge them into deep despair, and make them terrified of the humans who have caused them so much suffering. Unfortunately, this is what happened to Gia, a poor puppy who experienced the worst treatment from her “family” and arrived at the shelter terrified.

When Gia came to a small rural shelter in Texas, it was clear that she had medical problems. She hid in the corner, terrified, and when a person approached her, her body trembled even more. She couldn’t take being touched either; if someone touched her, she would pee out of panic and remain still.

The reason for her behavior is that she endured the cruelty of her former master during her life.

She was tied to a tree and abused by her master, the one who once filled her with love. Her heart was destroyed as a result of the physical and psychological violence she endured, and she almost lost the cheerful attitude that had formerly defined her. She required more help than the shelter could provide.

Fortunately, DallasDogRRR, an organization that specializes in the care of the most challenging rescue situations, stepped in and worked to rehabilitate dogs like Gia through love, patience, and kindness.

Gia is currently in the Dallas Dog Shelter and is making a good improvements. She hides under her bed when humans approach her, however she has already learned to stop peeing when she sees people. It will be tough for her to open her heart to others again, but the volunteers of the association hope to succeed.

Gia’s behavior toward the other animals, on the other hand, is very different. She enjoys running around with her shelter canine buddies since she knows they will not harm her at all. Despite all, she is content in her own company.

To help Gia overcome her fear of humans, the organization has decided to place her in a temporary foster home with a traumatized dog specialist, where she will live with her new family and learn that she is finally secure and that no one will ever abuse her.

Her new foster mother understands that Gia is not yet ready to socialize with people, but she may be more open due to the pure heart of another dog partner.

“Gia has returned home. She has not moved from the box in which she was transported. She’s terrified; she doesn’t tremble anymore, but she’s still not ready to leave that location. However, her ears are perked up by the sound of my little dog Austin, so I’m hoping he can entice her,” the caretaker explained.