The FIRST and ONLY Albino Cougar Spotted in Atlantic Jungle 2013 Is Still a Mysterious Now

A series of amazing pictures of a very rare white cougar has recently taken the internet by surprise.

The four images were taken in 2013, but they reappeared recently as scientists confirmed that this was the first recorded case of leucetic puma.

Photographs were taken using a trap camera at Serra dos Órgãos National Park, a reservation in the jungles of Brazil’s Atlantic Ocean.

Even if albinism, leukemia, and even melanoma are common in wild cats, there is no record of cougars in these genetic conditions. The reason is still a mystery to scientists.
The first white cougar was seen in the jungles of Brazil’s Atlantic Ocean.
It shows you how extraordinary it is, “Luke Hunter, executive director of the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Big Cat Program, told National Geographic.

And it has been maintained for generations since then. But this is only the result of the randomness of the mutation, the role of the genetic dice.

The first white cougar was seen in the jungles of Brazil’s Atlantic Ocean.
This first case of leukemia in Cougars may have helped researchers understand why this genetic dysfunction is so rare, but unfortunately since the initial collision in 2013, the rare animal has never been seen again.

PDF) First record of leucism in puma from Serra dos Órgãos National Park, Brazil

“Camera trap surveillance plans resumed last year, but we have no new record of this animal or any other strangely colored pomace,” said Cecilia Cronenberger de Faria, an environmental analyst at the Sierra dos Argos National Park. Told National Geographic.

Even with their unique, unpredictable colors, wild animals that suffer from albinism, melanoma or leucism are a great sight.

They face many challenges. They are extremely vulnerable to frontal predators and, sadly, are often rejected by their groups.