The man took home two abandoned pit bulls from the shelter, and later they fully showed their gratitude

One man visited a shelter where he met two pit bulls who were abandoned by their owners. The animals were very sad, so he took them home.

At that time, the man did not know that this act would help him survive a little later.

Two dogs named Ellabelle and Ladybug faced serious challenges. These adorable animals were abandoned by the owners, but then fate brought them together in one shelter.

They were very scared and did not want to make contact with the volunteers, but one day everything changed.

A man named Robert McGowan came to the orphanage. He was looking for a friend, and heard the story of these dogs. As soon as he met them, he realized that he would take two pit bulls, and not one as planned.

They immediately became friends and spent a lot of time together. Of course, it took the dogs some time to get used to their new home, but they soon showed their gratitude in full.

One day, Robert was repairing a car in the garage, when suddenly four people rushed inside. One of them hit the man in the face and demanded the keys to the car. Robert replied that they are in the house.

Three intruders stayed with him, and one went to the house for the keys.But inside, loyal pets were already waiting for him.

They chased away the intruder, and then ran out the open door and pounced on the others.The assailants were not hurt, but they quickly realized that they could not withstand two angry dogs, so they fled the scene of the сrime.

Robert got off with just a black eye, although it could have ended trаgically.The man gave the animals a house, care and affection.

This was enough for them to selflessly pounce on the crowd of aggrеssive people, not thinking about their own lives.