This golden retriever spends approximately two hours daily cuddling with people she encounters during her walks

There was a golden retriever named Daisy who lived in a quiet neighborhood.

Daisy was a friendly and affectionate dog who loved nothing more than to spend time with people. Every day, her owner would take her for long walks around the neighborhood, and Daisy always looked forward to these outings.During her walks, Daisy would often encounter people who were out for a stroll or sitting in their yards.

Whenever she saw someone, Daisy would immediately run over to them, wagging her tail and looking up at them with her big brown eyes. And without fail, people would stop to pet her and give her some attention.But there was something special about Daisy that made her stand out from other dogs. Daisy loved to cuddle.

Whenever someone would stop to pet her, Daisy would lean into them and nuzzle her head against their hand or arm. And if they knelt down to give her a proper cuddle, Daisy would curl up in their lap and stay there for as long as they would let her.People in the neighborhood soon began to anticipate Daisy’s daily visits, and some would

even come outside just to see her. It wasn’t uncommon to see Daisy surrounded by a group of people, all taking turns cuddling with her and showering her with affection.Daisy’s cuddling sessions would often last for up to two hours each day. Her owner would patiently wait nearby, smiling as she watched her beloved dog bring so

much joy to people’s lives.As time went on, Daisy became somewhat of a local celebrity. People would stop her owner on the street to ask about her, and some even started bringing treats and toys for her on her walks.

And Daisy continued to do what she did best – bringing happiness to everyone she encountered.For Daisy, the joy she brought to people’s lives was all the reward she needed. And for the people in her neighborhood, she had become a beloved fixture – a cuddly, four-legged ambassador of happiness.