Tiny baby monkey melts hearts as it lovingly cares for baby ducks

Videos of baby animals are always cute. I bet that you can’t find anything cuter than these videos. This story has one of these adorable videos of a baby monkey taking care of a group of baby ducklings. You can see in the beginning of the video the monkey stares down at the ducklings lovingly. He then continues to pet and stroke the ducklings tenderly.

The ducklings also help the monkey by grooming its fur. It is obvious that the ducklings and the monkey are enjoying their company. You can also see in the video the monkey hugs one of the ducklings while the other huddle together.

Actually, this is one of the cutest videos ever if not the cutest. You can also see that if the monkey goes to have some snacks, the ducklings don’t allow him to go far away! They just really want him to stay with them as they think that he is their mama. So, they follow him wherever he goes.

Even when the monkey wants to have some swinging practice by climbing up the tree, the ducklings wait for him under the tree as they can’t climb up trees.

The ducklings feel safe when the monkey is around them, they don’t even think about being afraid of predators as the monkey is very protective to them. How adorable! Watch the video below.