Unsinkable Molly Charts New Course After Someone Suggested Throwing the Senior Kitty in Lake Michigan

Molly the tuxie was someone’s companion for 15 years. Like many senior cats, she had developed some health issues, including kidney disease and hyperthyroidism. Consequently, she needed manageable special care and was likely to frequently urinate. Instead of caring for Molly’s illnesses, her ‘owner’ decided to discard her. We have many strong words about such a person’s actions, but it can be summed up in one word: karma.

Someone Suggested Tossing Molly in Lake Michigan (?!!)

Whoever they were, Molly’s human had the nerve to reach out to rescuers and suggest they would toss Molly into Lake Michigan. Apparently, they don’t realize those are fightin’ words for people who love animals like family.

Sure, it might have been in jest, bad taste, and judgment. But if someone said that to a stranger about a child, they might get a visit from child protective services. By the way, Michigan has introduced bills to protect cats, such as outlawing cruel declawing and prohibiting the sales of dogs, cats, and rabbits in pet stores.

Unsinkable Molly Rescued

Fortunately, Molly’s fate was not to end up in a Great Lake. Like the Unsinkable Molly Brown, she kept afloat and traveled to our friends at Purrfect Cat Rescue, Inc. They saved her from probable neglect and would give her the Golden Years she deserved.

You can imagine the outrage from cat lovers in the comments, but as one person explained, caring for a hyperthyroid senior cat doesn’t necessarily involve great expense. As with people, cats will develop more health issues with age. It’s no reason to abandon them, much less in a lake.

Unsinkable Molly Charts New Course

Despite being abandoned, Molly’s life took the happiest turn in foster care. She charmed her foster family so much that they adopted her!

Although adorable kittens usually get all the attention, there are so many lovable adult kitties that need homes. For example, here’s a stunning smoky meowdel named Linus who is ready to capture your heart.

For those in the Michigan area, you can find out more on Facebook and Instagram. Purrfect Cat Rescue Inc’s website shows many furbabies seeking homes and has information on how to volunteer, foster, or donate.