Unwanted Dog Beats Cancer And Gets Her Loving Forever Home

Sid is a dog that the Sidewalk crew in De Doorns, Netherlands, encountered on one of their outreach excursions.

De Doorns, South Africa is home to Sidewalk, a canine rescue and bulk sterilization unit. Providing low- or no-cost veterinary care and sterilization for pets is one way that the group helps those animals in need. In addition, they provide no-cost treatment for dogs diagnosed with Transmissible Venereal Tumors (TVT).

The dog developed cancer, and Sid’s family wanted to have her put down. Her results for TVT were positive.

Sidewalk is useful in dealing with this particular form of cancer. With the goal of curing her, they took Sid in and generously paid for her chemotherapy treatments.

Sidewalk offered to foot the bill for her medical care, but it was as if her biological family no longer wanted her. It breaks your heart to think they might have given up on the ailing canine.

The total number of chemotherapy treatments Sid received was 12. She persevered through rigorous treatment and won.

It appears that Sid’s cancer treatment has been successful.

She has also been granted another huge boon: the discovery of a permanent residence.

At first, it was tough to tell if anyone would adopt a dog who had previously been treated for cancer. Furthermore, caring for a dog, especially one who has just fought a horrific condition like cancer, is an accomplishment in and of itself.

But things turned out well for her.

Her aches have been replaced by pure joy in the embrace of a family who cherishes and loves her. She is now considered the family’s little princess.

She now gets to spend her days with other dogs, who rapidly become her best pals. She beat cancer and is now free to play whenever she wants.

I mean, she is deserving of everything good in the world.

Sid gets lots of affection from her furdaddy and her fur friends, and she seems to enjoy it. She’s picked up a few skills and is hungry to get more. This is the best time of Sid’s life!

You can also tell that she has improved greatly since Sidewalk initially received her. It seems like she’s healthy and contented now.

We owe Sidewalk the entirety of this problem.

Sidewalk has done so much to help these animals, and they deserve our gratitude and praise. They provided Sid with everything he deserved and more, since dogs are deserving of the finest.

Sid no longer has cancer and is loved unconditionally by her family. It’s only fair that all dogs get this treatment. A cancer patient’s dog is transformed into a happy, healthy pet who can once again give and receive affection.

Sending best wishes to Sidewalk and all the other animal welfare groups out there.

Check out the video below to watch Sid’s sparkling new life.

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