Willie Nelson: New book release, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee and more

At 90 years young, Willie Nelson still has a lot going on as this year’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee, where he will perform Friday, in addition to his recently released single and book both titled “Energy Follows Thought.”

In his latest book, Nelson tells the stories behind 160 of his songs and songwriting process while sharing his story of creativity and heart message to the world —now spanning seven decades.

The book shares the nature of Nelson’s songwriting and finding his voice, a portion of the book release read, and the themes he has explored in relationships, infidelity, love, loss, friendship, life on the road, and now, at age 90, his life and mortality.

Wilson also released a song this year titled “Energy Follows Thought,” with lyrics of wisdom that carry a strong message and legacy of songwriting that embodies his life work to help raise humanity.

There’s no denying Nelson’s mark as a true legend who has stood the test of time and whose creativity, art, songwriting and humanitarian efforts will continue —as time marches on.
Nelson’s new book “Energy Follow Thoughts” was released on Oct. 31 and is for sale on his website. This is followed by his induction to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, which will air live at 8 p.m. EST Friday on Disney+.
ABC will also release a special feature from the show with live performances and standout moments on New Year’s Day.

Fans can now listen to Nelson’s lyrics as he performs his song “Energy Follows Thoughts,” where at 90, he’s still blazing the trail with his trusted beat-up guitar, “Trigger.”
Below is the YouTube upload of “Energy Follows Thought:”