WWII veteran celebrates turning 100

Take a moment to wish this WWII Veteran a Happy Birthday! 🎂

Charles L. Barr’s life was honored by his friends and family on Saturday at his assisted living facility in Lutz.
Author: David Belleville (WTSP)

LUTZ, Fla. — A Tampa Bay area man who served our country received a well-deserved celebration over the weekend, recognizing a major milestone: his 100th birthday.
“I didn’t realize celebrities got this much attention,” Charles L. Barr said Friday. “And I didn’t realize I was a celebrity.”
Barr certainly got the celebrity treatment as his long life was honored by his friends and family on Saturday at his assisted living facility in Lutz.

His daughter, Linda Cobbe, said that about 40 family members were in attendance, including his five children, their spouses, and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. When you live to be 100, you tend to make a few friends along the way, and they were there to celebrate, too.
He even had live music — because what’s a party without music?

“It’s so much fun,” Barr said at the party. “I’m going to do it again. I’m going to do it again next year. They came out in droves and I’m so happy.”
Barr served as a B-24 navigator in World War II and was based in England. When 10 Tampa Bay caught up with him before the big bash, he was surrounded by WWII memorabilia, including navigation maps, bombing assignments, medals and photos. All were on display at the party as well.

Cobbe explained that after her father returned home from the war, he entered college at Indiana University. He later became an accountant, a profession he stayed in until his 60s. She added that her dad still has his wits about him despite experiencing dementia, describing him as a “character.”
His humor was on full display Friday as he pointed at a picture of himself on a beach asking, “Who’s that cute, young kid?”

So, what’s his secret to making it to 100?
“Drink lots of milk, very little booze — anymore anyway,” Barr answered with a chuckle. “Everyone kept saying, ‘I can’t make it to 100,’ but I did.”
Thank you for your service Mr. Barr. We hope you enjoyed your big day!